“How to Become a Freelancer and Make Money From Anything and Anywhere”

Step 1: Get/Pick a Skill

What can you do? Do you have experience from a career? Do you have a talent? Will people pay you for it?

The main point is to pick something you are skilled at, that you like doing, and that it can help people in some way.

Pick something.

If you don’t have a skill, you can spend a month hunkered down for an hour or two a day and learn a useful skill (like copywriting).

Just make sure it’s not something like HTML because then you’ll be competing with people from poor countries who build entire websites from scratch (100x better than what a newbie can do) for only $20.

Step 2: Sign Up on Upwork and/or Fiverr

Upwork is a professional setting.

Fiverr is a more casual setting. On Fiverr, you offer to do something for $5.

It’s not a lot, but it’s a great place if you’re a novice.

That’s all you need to know.

Step 3: Set up your profiles

On Upwork, you take a bunch of tests so that people are sure how much you know about a topic. This part is important! Do the tests so that people trust you!

On Fiverr, you don’t take any tests. And you can sell wacky or unique skills.

I also recommended putting a picture of your gorgeous face on your profile. No need to be shy, this is so that your journey into freelancing is easier. People trust someone who has their gorgeous smiling face on their profile!

On your description, tell people a little bit about your expertise to build credibility. But make sure you don’t blather on about yourself!

Your description should be filled mostly with a “this is how I can help you” kind of writing.

Step 4: “Whore yourself” to build a portfolio

This is the hardest part. Landing your first job and slowly becoming someone reputable.

If you don’t have any credibility or official work experience; here is what you can do:

  1. Work on a personal project (involving the skill you want to sell to people) and showcase it.
  2.  Do a job for dirt cheap. If you blow away their expectations, showcase their review and the work you did for them.

If you do have “official” work experience. Do a few jobs cheaply since you are new on these platforms.

Remember that people ignore the “I have x experience, please hire me” messages.

Make your messages unique and that basically say “OK. Here’s what I can do to help you”.

Step 5: Bump up your prices as you build your reputation

At this point, you’ll be known as someone who gets things done, that really helps people, and that delivers on their promises.

You will be flooded with requests from people who want something done.

So just bump up your prices! You’ll be happier. You won’t be flooded with requests. And the clients who pay will take you more seriously.


Even if you make $100 an hour  by following this guide… There is one problem. You only make money when you put in work!

If you were to have a business that works for you; you would not have to work at all!

I recommended being a freelancer just to fund your business endeavors.

If freelancing becomes a career path, you’ll be better off than most people. But is that really good enough?

Let me compare career choices to say baseball so you understand what I’m saying.

A dead-end job is a swing and a miss.

A decent job is punting and barely making it to first base.

A professional career (such as a doctor) is a double.

Freelancing and making as much money as a doctor (while working when and where you want) is a triple.

But a business that makes tons of cash 24/7 (after you put in the work setting it up and helping people en masse) is a home run in my book.

Freelancing is great. But shoot for the home run.



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