“The Best Place to Learn Things for FREE!”

Can you guess what it is?





Before you scoff at the idea, let me explain. The library doesn’t just have books.

It turns out that much more is available.

For example, here are some screen shots of some resources available from my local library for free!

library resources 2

library resources 1

Here you can search for citations for a research paper on many different publications. You can look at local history records. You can also look at some business resources!

For example, in the business section, I clicked on “Business Insight: Essentials”.

It led me to a website that gives me reports and charts on ANY INDUSTRY. It also gives information on major companies.

Taking a look at the particular industry that I’m interested in (selling stuff to people, sending it by mail).

Here’s what I found:


Yes, you are reading that right! The combined sales of all the current companies (including the big ones like Ebay and Amazon) is:

Over $150 Billion Dollars!

The amount spent on advertising in this one particular niche is:

$50 Billion Dollars!

You can pick up any industry and see how much money there is to get a piece of!



Moving on.

Here are more free programs that are available.

library resources 3

Those are some free skill training websites and free language learning websites.


So, in conclusion, go to your library RIGHT NOW and get/renew your card. Because you’re passing up a VALUABLE RESOURCE otherwise.


P.S I know the chart goes up to 2014 only and it’s the current year, but this is as accurate as it gets. I’m assuming the info is 2 years late because of rules with taxes in the US. Oh well.

P.P.S. I spent a long time in grade school and no one bothered to mention this to me. :/

P.P.P.S Learning Japanese <3

library resources 4

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