How to Start Your Own Website for $1.18

If you read my latest post, you should have a pretty good understanding of how the internet works.

Now, here’s how to get your own website up and running.

This is short term (1 month) for people who want to experiment and see if owning a website is something they’re interested in.

It’s also for people on a super tight budget that want to try out a market idea and make some cash.

Step One – Get a Name

You have to register a website name with an organization called the ICANN.

But you can just go to any website accredited by this organization and register a name.

A “.com” name is best because it’s the most common and it’s the easiest to remember.

It runs about $10-$15 a year depending on which site you use. The price of other websites (like “.net” and “.co”) cost around this price too.

Luckily, there are some websites where the first year for a .com site is cheap ($1.17)!

  1. Go to
  2. Write a name for your new website and end it with “.com”
  3. Go to checkout.
  4. Pick a one-year name registration.
  5. Use this coupon code: CJC99ZCOM1
  6. (note: if the code doesn’t work, click here)

If you want a name, try “” or “”.

If it’s taken or if it’s super expensive; try an abbreviation or a screen name or anything else you can think of!

I’d personally avoid dashes (  –  ) and numbers (1) in the name because they make it harder for people to remember your website name.

(If you are confused about this part, watch this video: )


Step Two – Host Your Website

Once you have your very own website name, the next step is to find a hosting company who will run your website.

A lot of hosting companies have gimmicks so you will try them out. So, we’re going to take advantage of this!

  1. Go to
  2. Go to “Web hosting”.
  3. Pick a plan you like (out of “hatchling”, “baby”, and “business”).
  4. Pick 1 month.
  5. And use the coupon code “penny”.

That’s right, this company will let you pay a SINGLE PENNY for the first month.

Once you pay, you will get an email. The email will tell you the “nameservers” that you paid for.

They will say “”

Go to your Godaddy account and type these in where it says “nameservers”.

Then go to the control panel on Hostgator and click on “Addon domains”. Write the name of your website there.

( watch this video, for a clearer, step by step explanation:

(UPDATE) Option 2- Free Web Hosting

Well, I didn’t want to include this but, you can get free web hosting on the internet.

The problem with free hosting is that your website will be locked if you get more than a few dozen people reading it every month.

But if you want to get your feet wet with making a site:

Go to

If you decide that you like running a web site, move to a better hosting plan.

Step Three – Design Your New Website

Just so you know, you DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANY CODING! It will help if you want your website to be a bit more flexible, but it is not a necessity! (Lucky you!)

Instead, you are going to install something called WordPress. It basically takes all the data on your website and makes it easy and simple to organize!

Any text will be typed in the built-in word processor.

The look and feel of the website can be changed instantly by downloading hundreds of free “themes” created by people all over the world!

And the functionality of WordPress can be extended with hundreds of free “themes”.

That's WordPress! Makes it super easy to manage your very own website! That’s WordPress! Makes it super easy to manage your very own website!

On Hostgator:

  1. Go to “QuickInstall”,
  2. Click on “WordPress”,
  3. Enter an email, name, and password to access your website,
  4. Click on the “Install WordPress” button. And you are done.

That’s all for now. If you want some more info to get you used to WordPress, check this video out:

Cheers. (and my thanks to the respective owners of each video)

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