“The 4 Massive Problems I Have With Colleges Today”


Today, it is the next step to most people’s lives after graduating high school. After wasting 1/4 of your childhood learning a massive amount of trivial facts and propaganda, but no critical thinking skills, you go to college.

That’s anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 a year for 2-7 years to learn whatever the hell you want. And after you are done, you hopefully get a much higher paying job than if you did not go through college.

And the numbers seem to back up this idea.

So what exactly are the grievances that I have against colleges? Well, a few…

1) The entire premise of college is misleading

The idea is that you will be successful (rich and independent) by going to school, being hired by a big established organization, having talent, and working hard.

No one seems to see the fallacy in this, so let me read you a quote from a book I have that explains it perfectly:

“But for those of you who wish to be rich, you should know that school prepares you to work for somebody else. School prepares you to be a follower. School prepares you to be part of a large organization.

When you work for somebody else, unless you are a salesperson, you are a cost to be kept down. Rather than how good you are, you will be graded on how mediocre you are. Large organizations do not tolerate incompetence, of course, but they also do not tolerate supercompetence.

In a large organization, you will be given a small segment of the total job. Your job will then be backed up several times by other people. A combination of these two things makes you expendable.

Many times, there will be restrictions on how far you can advance, using silly criteria such as formal education. Advancement will come if you pick the right coattails to ride, and if you’ve been a good rear-end kisser, and if haven’t shown anybody up too badly, and if you belong to the right social clubs. But worst of all, the amount of money you will be paid will keep you a constant dependent.” -7 Steps to Freedom II, by Benjamin Suarez, 1995

College means a lifelong career; it is your choice if that is a good thing. But isn’t entrepreneurship a better option? There is a lot of investment and risk involved, but the payoff is that you retire young and rich.

2) Colleges are plagued with regressive, brainwashed crybullies

What do I mean by that? Well, let me explain.

These “crybullies” take an honest concern such as “black people in the U.S. sometimes face discrimination” and they propose mind-bogglingly ridiculous solutions that regress society and they do some absolutely reprehensible things.

The people that buy into this line of thinking are trapped in a victimhood mentality. If you criticize them or call them out for their actions, they refer to the original concern and say you are promoting hate speech. Here are some examples:

Black college students in Ryerson University “feel” that they are oppressed and racially discriminated daily, so the solution they propose is RACE SEGREGATED SPACES! But apparently, it’s fine because the students themselves are proposing it this time as opposed to literally the Ku Klux Klan beforehand.

A rowdy group of frat boys in Baxter College at Australia was singing some dirty chants about women, so the solution is a mass protest because “society at large obviously hates and demeans women”. Even though the chants apparently suggest that those frat boys love women, maybe even too much.

Some insane, unknown vandal drew a swastika made out of shit in a bathroom at the University of Missouri. The solution is a mass protest against racism, making the dean apologizes for the incident, making the dean apologize for BEING WHITE, and making the dean step down! The next proposed step is essentially a hostile takeover of the college.

[Don’t believe me? Check out the sources, and then continue reading:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/04/12/baxter-college-chant_n_9668244.html (frat boys and protests in Australia, biased)

http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/aeman-ansari/ethnic-safe-spaces_b_6897176.html (crazy person’s opinion piece on the black only spaces)

http://www.foxsports.com/college-football/outkick-the-coverage/is-the-entire-mizzou-protest-based-on-lies-111115 (Outrageous protests with fake narratives)

-End of Sources]

A YALE UNIVERSITY professor sends a letter saying that they will not regulate Halloween costumes because being offended does not give you the right to impedes someone’s freedom of expression. And this happens:

(watch the video before continuing)

Mind boggling and aggravating are the first two adjectives that I think of to describe these incidents. I’m sure it’s the same for you.

Rational people like me are tearing their hair out at the blatant dishonesty and mental gymnastics from these college students and the professors that preach this in nearly every college. The problem is a disturbingly large group of people support these things.

In fact, according to one Pew Research study, 40% of millennials are okay with the government preventing people from saying “offensive statements about minority groups” (basically sexist and racist comments).

Here is how freedom of speech works in the U.S. for the 40% of people, my age, that don’t know. Threats, slander, or saying things that can physically harm people (yelling fire in a crowded theater) is not allowed. The KKK is legally allowed to have their own platform to speak, but you also can legally criticize them for their bad ideas.

That seems to work for me. But apparent 40% of people, my age, are willing to have people arrested for saying mean words.

The main point that I’m trying to make is: Would you want to go to Yale if even 5% of the students are like “Shrieking Girl”? Or any of those other students mentioned? You will have to deal with them if you go to college to learn. And the propaganda is all paid for by you, of course. This brings me to my next point.

3) Colleges have a lot of useless degrees and classes

How exactly do you contribute to society with a $30,000 gender studies degree that brainwashed you into believing everything in the world is sexist? Or an ethnic studies degree telling you that everything is racist?

How about a liberal arts degree? It’s basically a “general college education”, absolutely useless. You could have learned every topic that was covered on your own with just the cost of the books coming out of your pocket. I’m sure that companies are beating down your door asking you to join them now.

How about a philosophy degree? Thinking about human nature is admirable, but it doesn’t contribute much to the economy. So you won’t make a lot of money from it.

How much work can you find with a master’s degree and Ph.D. in ancient Greek history? Either a job as a historian in a museum about Greece or as a college professor; those are your options. That’s 10 years of an education just to end up staying in the college as your career, with moderate pay.

How about a cinematography degree? You could just buy a single book on cinematography, a decent video camera, find a mentor, create a portfolio of personal and commercial projects, and advertise yourself. You’ll have a much better chance of landing a job like that. Why burden yourself with unnecessary debt?

An English degree is a bit more useful. But it’s limited to writing (which you can do without the degree) and teaching English. Again, it doesn’t pay well for the time invested.

For business degrees, every college will teach you essentially the same thing. However, nicer schools will give you the opportunity to meet better business partners. But you learn business much more effectively by actually running a business and getting advice from a mentor who has gone through the process himself.

If you have an athletic scholarship, that’s great. But have a backup plan in case something bad happens like a career ending injury.

My personal recommendations for college is to get a degree in the S.T.E.M. (science, tech, engineering, and math) field, medical field, or any quick vocational (job specific) training. And that’s it.

If you blow $30,000 on a gender studies degree, head straight to the unemployment line; and continue blaming your failures on society. And good luck (you are going to need it).

4) The Price of College and Student Loan Scam

Did you know that the price of college is rising 4x the rate of inflation? That just means colleges are bumping up prices because there is lots of money to be made.

This is happening because a few idiots in government said “Hey, we need more people in college. Let’s reward colleges for taking a lot of people and graduating a lot of them. And make it super easy for students to take out loans.” These idiots made it happen so that they will become more popular and likely to be re-elected.

As a result, colleges are bumping up their prices and giving degrees to ignorant people, who don’t deserve them, out of greed.

This is the same situation as the “housing bubble” that ended with a recession in 2008. But this time, it’s with student loans.

The students are both literally and figuratively paying extra for the mistakes and avarice of politicians and college administrators.


The students end up with essential “a mortgage and no house” that they will be indebted to for many years of their lives (point #4). Hopefully, they can pay their loans back because a lot of the degrees offered by colleges are absolutely useless in the real world (point #3). And the teachings of some of those degrees give you a warped view of reality (point #2).

College is useful for a few career choices. If you truly want to be a scientist, engineer, doctor, or electrician, teacher, (anything along those lines) for 40+ years because it pays decently and is fulfilling to your life; then go for it.

If you don’t want any of the career choices I mentioned, college is not for you. If you want to be rich and independent, college is not for you; entrepreneurship is for you (point #1).

But whatever you do, make sure you never take a gender or ethnic studies course…EVER. Your money and sanity depend on it.



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